Odeon – Event Garden in the Sharon Region

Odeon is the venue for people who love people. A spectacular venue with a close and intimate atmosphere.

Odeon brings together historical inspiration with the contemporary and modern. The combination of tall columns, an impressive entrance and expansive space are all part of the venues’ bold architecture. The Odeon Events Complex is situated in the heart of the green Sharon Region and in a convenient location that connects near and far, adjacent to the main traffic routes in the Sharon area as well as Emek Hefer.

Our Kitchen


Our kitchen embodies the aromas and tastes of everyone. A journey through scents and tastes that combine the best of taste and ingredients. We have also added love to our cooking. Providing the ingredients with life, color, pulling from the imagination and creating the very best and most exhilarating for you. Painting, creating, stroking, arranging, letting our art erupt for you.